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Welcome to the River Bears

RIVERBEAR LOGOWe are the River Bears Inc. of Cincinnati, OH. founded in April, 1992 for the purpose of providing recreational and social functions for Bears, their friends, and like-minded men who enjoy "bear culture" and to publicize this element of the Greater Cincinnati Gay community, promoting its ideas and presence.

The organization is open to all men (21 & older) with an interest in the above objectives. Its membership is not restricted to the Greater Cincinnati area.

The group holds annual elections for the selections of nine elected "council" members. The council members nominate and elect internal council positions from the nine members voted on by the general membership. The council consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary and a Treasurer and the remaining five elected members. The council meets once a month to discuss future events and discuss suggestions and comments from the membership at large. Members are welcome and encouraged to attend council meetings.

At a minimum of bi-monthly, there is a newsletter published (BEARINGS). It contain information about past and future events including directions to future meents. During the months that a full newsletter is not published, we usually publish IMMEDIATE BEARINGS. It contain updates to the previous newsletter. River Bears tries to get one of these publication to it's members by the first of the month.